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The Shanks hail from the Orangeville Ontario area (Mono to be exact). They are a bass and drum duo with a completely unique sound that has to be seen as well as heard.  Skordolia is a fantastic release, but even it can’t capture the power of the band live.   They manage a mix of insane heaviness, melody and sheer power that you couldn’t imagine 2 people can generate. Skordolia is my favourite album/E.P. to some out of the Orangeville area recently, and that is saying a lot because there is a very fertile music scene in the area.

Official Page: http://theshanks.ca/
Bandcamp Page (buy stuff): http://herecometheshanks.bandcamp.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69504266713&ref=ts